Edouard Richard

Freelance Web Application EngineerJump, electronic game I recently made

I'm a web application engineer in Berlin. For the last few years I've built tools for news agencies at Sourcefabric after making interactive storytelling and data visualizations at Journalism++.
I now work as a freelancer.

Recent Output

This is what I have been doing during this time

face a problem and solve it

Bias Tracker

Django, React, GraphQL, Jobs Runner, Data vis

Bias Tracker extracts entities from Facebook posts and analyzes the sentiment related to them. Then it displays charts that reflects the bias from the sources regarding the entities.


React, Crypto currencies, Firebase, D3.js, Data vis

Crypto Asset Manager
Gives an overview of your different crypto currencies which could come from many different kinds of wallets


Python, Django, React, API, D3.js, Back-office, Bulk Upload, Data vis

The French Institute of Public Opinion is an international polling and market research firm. I helped them by making data visualizations, and back offices that handle specific authentication systems and supports bulk data upload in order to let them ingest more data themselves.


Plugin System, Planning Component, Python, React, Angular.js, High Traffic, API

Content creation, production, distribution, archiving and curation. Modular by design and developed continuously via partnerships with news organizations worldwide.


Python, Flask, Angular.js, High Traffic, API

Sourcefabric's Live Blog is an open source web app that enables journalists to provide immediate and ongoing coverage on rapidly evolving news events.


Neo4j, Django, Angular.js, API, Data vis

Detective.io is a platform that hosts your investigation and lets you make powerful queries to mine it. Simply describe your field of study and detective.io builds the input interface as well as a state-of-the-art front-end.


D3.js, Plugin System, Map, High Traffic, API, Data vis

Create charts and maps in seconds

Spending Stories

Python, Django, Data vis

Ordered by the Open Knowledge Foundation it aims at improving fiscal literacy and providing greater awareness of budget data worldwide. It enables users to put amounts into perspective. The results take into account inflation in the country where the expenditure has been realized.

Broken Promises

Jobs Runner, Report System, Python, API

What should a journalist investigate today, according to what has been promised in the past?

Story Telling
encourage people to understand via exploration and intuition


Python, Django, Map, Elasticsearch, AWS, GraphQL

In cooperation with Zebrock, we are building an educational platform that uses music and contemporary songs as a tool for teaching. Mélo embeds high quality pedagogic content, hundreds of biographies, instruments, styles, artists, a map to explore geographic content and a media player.

The Migrant Files

Parser, Bulk Upload, Neo4j

Winner of the Datajournalism Awards 2014.
An open database containing information about over 29,000 people who died on their way to Europe.


Map, Data vis

An interactive infographic about energy for municipal decision-makers and city planning

Jeu d’influences

Game saving system, Optimization, Angular.js

Best cross-media piece at Liege Web Festival – 2014.
Have you ever faced a communication crisis? Jeu d'influences puts you right in front of it.


Map, Data vis

Map for the 10th anniversary of the EU-enlargement

Dragons Gifts

Map, D3.js, Data vis

Start the tour and have a look at the Chinese projects in Africa, or explore the data and delve into the Chinese presence in the African continent.

Resonate 2014

Python, Flask, Map

They do not call themselves ‘artists’, but might be the future of art. We met the new-media art scene in Belgrade last week, at the Resonate festival.


Map, D3.js, Data vis

US, Australia isolated in TPP negotiations

Side Projects, Art & Whatever
are intended for learning something new, but mostly for having fun

Smog Alarm

Messenger Bot, Python, Django, D3.js, API, Map, Data vis

Smog Alarm is collecting the daily reports from the German Environmental Protection Agency who is measuring the air quality. This tool helps you to find your closest station and give you the possibility to track it by receiving Messenger messages, emails or RSS feeds. A messenger bot can help you to subscribe.


React, Inventory management, Gallery, Payment

Carmen released her new limited collection of kimonos, crop tops and and jeans jackets with Indian flavors


Electronic, LED strip, Raspberry Pi, Python, React, Welds

You are a pixel on the strip led and your controller is your phone. To survive you need to jump when the killer pixel comes to you. You can also fight back and send the killer in the other way.

Bus Notifier

Electronic, Welds, Raspberry Pi, Python, LED strip, API, Data vis

Display the public transport departure time for a given station in a little box for your bathroom. Colored light induces the relative imminence of your commute. Push the buttons to navigate through the next departures.


Python, API, React

L8pr is an Internet Player.
Create your own channel made of YouTube videos, Soundcloud tracks illustrated with GIFs;
add your tweets and RSS to have a complete, multimedia, multi-content looping channel.
Made with Benjamin Etco and love